Happy Daisies – RL Photography Exibition by Elliebob Bean

SLURL : http://slurl.com/secondlife/Oakworm/227/16/41/

“Happy Daisies” is a small sampling of my personal favorites from an ever-growing archive of North Carolina wildflowers. (I often refer to them as my weed collection)

The simplistic beauty of each one represents a splash of sunshine in my daily routines. The people closest to me will view them differently, as they were very much a part of each one, in one way or another. 🙂

I hope as you view these images, you too can experience the little spark of excitement I felt as the shutter was released, as well as, in some cases, the facination I have with editing.

“Ever been captured by a camera?”

Many artists I have encountered ( RL & SL) seem to have this inborn ability to reveal intense depth and emotion in everything they create. I am a huge admirer of this characteristic, but don’t see myself as an artist, but rather, more a photojournalist.  With no formal training other than a few 35mm classes in college, a lifetime of savoring those “Kodak moments”, and learning a little bit everyday,I begin this introduction o f my RL digital photography to SL. I hope to have a new set of images to share with you on a regular basis in SL & hope you like them:)


One Response to “Happy Daisies – RL Photography Exibition by Elliebob Bean”

  1. as u can maybe see with the happy daisies… i often have my head in the clouds.. & i like that.. a lot… but sometimes i hafta leave the daisies alone & rly work… im have to learn to be not so seasonal.. its in mah blooood…… thank you Gore for doing this for me & for us.. everyday is so exciting I want to be here all the time… (or there <3)…. I look forward to many more flowers poppin with u:)
    Thank you all who came to see<3 Next time Gore owes us a ‘live’ DJtzu 😛
    *peace* xx

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