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New Exibition! – Carolina Walkabout 4/17 – 5/3

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Carolina Walkabout

“Home is the place where it feels right to walk around without shoes” Robert Frost

Welcome to my “walkabout”, or wanderings of  some of my hometown areas of North Carolina. In this exhibition I would like for you to see a glimpse of the musical talent, some historical icons,  restorations, & a local vineyard.  I hope you enjoy the murals, local scenery,  hometown traditions & my adventures into Photoshop creativity.  Each print has a weblink so you can see more insight into the subject, when available. I have set only 3 originals for sale and one copy, however, if there is one you would really like to have, please let me know and I’m sure we can arrange it.  Thank you for coming to see my photography 🙂
Tips &/or  RFL donations  appreciated!

Elliebob Bean
April 2009
Opening April 17th 4pm SLT. followed by Headbang for RFL at 5pm SLT.


Happy Daisies – RL Photography Exibition by Elliebob Bean

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“Happy Daisies” is a small sampling of my personal favorites from an ever-growing archive of North Carolina wildflowers. (I often refer to them as my weed collection)

The simplistic beauty of each one represents a splash of sunshine in my daily routines. The people closest to me will view them differently, as they were very much a part of each one, in one way or another. 🙂

I hope as you view these images, you too can experience the little spark of excitement I felt as the shutter was released, as well as, in some cases, the facination I have with editing.

“Ever been captured by a camera?”

Many artists I have encountered ( RL & SL) seem to have this inborn ability to reveal intense depth and emotion in everything they create. I am a huge admirer of this characteristic, but don’t see myself as an artist, but rather, more a photojournalist.  With no formal training other than a few 35mm classes in college, a lifetime of savoring those “Kodak moments”, and learning a little bit everyday,I begin this introduction o f my RL digital photography to SL. I hope to have a new set of images to share with you on a regular basis in SL & hope you like them:)